Call for Participation for Doctoral Consortium


The Doctoral Consortium offers a unique opportunity for doctoral students nearing completion or those who have recently graduated to interact with experienced researchers specialising in Artificial Intelligence. A senior member of the community will be assigned as a mentor for each student based on the student’s preference or similarity of research interests. All students and mentors will attend a Doctoral Consortium event during the conference, giving the students an opportunity to discuss their ongoing research and career plans with their mentor (senior researchers like Senior Scientists, Professors, IEEE Fellows). In addition, each student will present a poster, either describing their thesis research or a single recent paper, to the other participants and their mentors.


Students must be conducting research in AI and be within 12 months (before or after) of graduating with their doctoral degree.

Submission Guidelines

Students that meet the eligibility requirements should submit an application via CMT here. The applicant must submit the following as a single pdf file:

  1. The applicant’s CV.
  2. A two-page research statement summarising the applicant’s research and progress to date.
  3. The title and author list of the poster that will be presented at the consortium, which may or may not be presented at CAI 2024 as well.
  4. A signed letter from their advisor confirming the actual / estimated date of graduation.
  5. The first and last names and email addresses for 7 potential mentors (e.g., from CAI 2024 organising committee), ranked from most to least preferred. Identify researchers from industry or academia whose work is relevant to yours or whose feedback you think would be particularly useful to you for a different reason. Do not list your own advisor as a mentor.

Please ensure that all pieces of information are included in the application. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Note: New applicants have to register CMT account, and choose IEEE CAI 2024 as the conference to submit the applications. The registration can be done here.

Review Process

If all applications cannot be supported, selection will be based on the provided material and the student’s graduation date and supporting a diverse collection of students across institutions and research areas.

Travel Awards

The amount is yet to be determined but will likely include a waiver for some travel funding.

Poster Format

Please refer to the general CAI 2024 guidelines; the Doctoral Consortium will use the same format. During the actual event, if you are presenting in person, please use any available poster board in the designated Doctoral Consortium room. No poster numbers will be assigned.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: April 5, 2024 (11:59pm, Pacific Time)
  • Notification of acceptance: May 5, 2024