Sponsors and Exhibitors

IEEE CAI 2024 will be held in Singapore, a key hub for technology and innovation in Southeast Asia. It is also strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, making it an ideal location for an international conference. 

Your participation as sponsors and exhibitors will empower you to enjoy these benefits:

Entry into the Asian and Southeast Asian market
Asia stands as a pivotal market for AI companies, with notable investments in AI research and development from countries like China, Japan, and South Korea. Seize the opportunity to tap into the flourishing Asian and Southeast Asian market, brimming with immense growth potential for AI applications and services.

Network with local and international professionals
Forge valuable connections with experts in the field of computational intelligence, both locally and internationally and pave the way for potential collaborations, partnerships, and a multitude of opportunities within the region.

Showcase AI solutions and services
Unleash the power of your AI solutions and services to a global audience at an IEEE CAI conference. An exceptional opportunity to gain widespread exposure, captivate potential customers, and forge valuable partnerships from the region and beyond.

Access to the latest research and development
Harness the vibrant AI and computational intelligence landscape of Asia, housing an array of world-class research institutions and startups. Immerse in the forefront of innovation and gain exclusive access to the latest advancements in the field for potential areas on investment and development.

Recruitment of talents
Benefit from Singapore’s abundance of highly educated and skilled professionals, as it remains a sought-after hub for both international students and professionals alike. Seize the opportunity to connect with industry-leading candidates and uncover top-tier talent within the region.

Join the AI ecosystem in Asia
Open doors to the vast AI ecosystem in Asia and unlock exciting prospects for collaboration, investment and growth opportunities within the Asian and Southeast Asian markets.

Brand recognition and promotions
Elevate your brand recognition and captivate a vast global audience with your exceptional products and services. Establish a distinctive identity, setting yourself apart from competitors and gaining an undeniable competitive edge in the dynamic market place.

Connect to investors and capital
Connect with potential global investors and secure vital AI capital for your business. Foster strategic partnerships and proper your venture to new heights in the competitive AI landscape with the necessary financial backing.

Overall, sponsoring and exhibiting at an IEEE CAI 2024 conference Singapore can provide any leading and rising AI companies with numerous benefits, including access to the Asian and Southeast Asian market, networking opportunities, showcasing AI solutions and services, access to the latest research and development, joining the AI ecosystem in Asia, recruitment of talents, brand recognition & promotion, and meeting and gaining access to investors and capital.

Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus for IEEE CAI 2024 is now available.

To book any sponsorship package, please complete the booking form and email to Conference Secretariat at cai2024@cma.sg and cc. Industry/Sponsorship Chair at james.ong@origami-frontiers.com.

For inquires, you may contact Conference Secretariat at cai2024@cma.sg