IEEE CAI 2024 Awards

The IEEE CAI 2024 will recognise two different categories of Paper Awards:

1) Best Paper Awards: A First Prise Award and a Runner-up Award will be bestowed to the two papers showing the best overall quality. Each award winner will receive an award certificate with vouchers and/or a prise.

These two papers will be selected by the Awards Committee as a result of a rigorous process that will consider a pool of nominated papers accepted for presentation in the conference, in light of the reviewers’ evaluations. The members of the Committee will then evaluate these candidate papers and make a common decision on the awardees based on their quality.

2) Honorable Mention Paper Awards: Up to 9 honorable mentions will be bestowed, one associated with each of the conference vertical tracks, if the quality of the best papers in each category is high enough. The selected papers will receive a “Certificate of Appreciation”.

The decision on these awards will be made by the members of the Awards Committee in view of the reviewers’ evaluations and their own evaluation.

Only full papers can opt for the awards (i.e. abstracts are not eligible).